luni, 29 noiembrie 2010

Christmas I

In 2003 Runa was almost 3 years old, and it was the first time we invited a Santa Klaus at home. She was so, so happy to see Doru and Violeta, our friends, with plenty of gifts and stories only for her! Our daughter didn't recognise them, she really thought is Santa and his wife!

She told Santa a lot of little poems, she sang a lot of songs and was so sweet!

Then she made soap bubbles with Violeta. I was and I am so grateful for their visit!

My mother-in-law took also Andrei (who was only 9 month old at the time) close to Santa, to enjoy the moment!

A little family conspiration to make the kids believe in magic!

Santa had presents for everybody, my fabulous mother-in-law was delighted!
At the moment I write this, Runa still believes in Santa, and is almost 10 years old!
My mother told her few days ago that the gifts are brought by parents and I was so upset...
Runa didn't believe, and I reacted very bad, I even cried... but I guess the moment of truth will arrive soon. I know the truth since I was 5 and I hated that, especially because after I discovered it, there were no more gifts and no Christmas celebration like before.
The magic of Christmas will continue, but I think we wanted to keep the innocence as long as we could.
I will be back with Christmas pictures from the last years... is part of our family history and I love it!

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