duminică, 28 noiembrie 2010

Window shopping

Today I ran away from home, Bogdan had to work for few hours, Runa went to a chinese painting course, Radu and Mara went visiting their ex-nanny, Mimi, and I decided that I had enough work yesterday. I suddenly said to Bogdan that I need some window shopping, just for myself, and some Christmas shopping for kids, so I wandered in some shops in the mall for this afternoon.

I found lots of inspiration in my favorite shops, but what I liked most was the Mango collection (usually not my style, but this season is great) and some boho-chic things from Camaieu and Promod.
Well, it turned out my window shopping changed in some real shopping, above is a feather vest from C&A, I couldn't resist it... I bought it in a different color, some ink blue...

...and those socks from Stradivarius, and a lace body from New Yorker.

Then I sat in a front of a hot chocolate, a salmon sandwich and some macarons from Paul, reading my fav blogs.
I bought some gifts for kids, is Runa's name day on 30th of November (her name is Andreea, too), and Christmas is around the corner.
I still have lots of presents to buy and I proposed to myself to make most of my shopping on the internet, if you have any suggestions... I would be grateful. It seems to me I'm not able to find the right websites to place all the orders online yet. Help!

5 comentarii:

ilinca spunea...

Asos are free shipping pana de Craciun - http://www.asos.com/

Alice in vintageland spunea...

Imi plac mult ciorapii! Si eu incerc sa cumpar tot online:)

The Fairy's Apprentice spunea...

@ilinca: thanks!
@alice: I like the socks a lot, but I missed the other color, they had it only in the window, but in the shop was out of stock!

Zâna Bună Rău spunea...

Enjoy your relaxing shopping day, this is a little exercise before Christmas Rush! Don't forget to plant those seeds on St. Andrei's Day!

The Fairy's Apprentice spunea...

I didn't think of planting seeds, thank you for reminding me. I bought some plants yesterday, I'l show you soon!