duminică, 7 noiembrie 2010

Botanic Garden

When I woke up this morning and I saw the rays of sun on my windows, I knew exactly were I wanted to be in such a beautiful November day. It took some time to prepare all the children and to get out of the house, but we managed to be in the Botanic Garden and it was still morning :).

Mara was today in a dancing mood, so she was dancing and singing all day long! Her thin long arms and legs movements were so well harmonised with the black outfit she has chosen for today.

Runa behaved nice and took care of Radu, who climbed on some rocks without too much attention. They slided together on the leaves and laughed a lot.

He is so attached to me, especially since we arrived from USA. They all missed us so much, but he seem to need more attention for the moment, I spend almost all my free time holding and talking to him.

The leaves were such a source of fun, they throw them up, rolled in leaves, brought some home and I know they gathered so nice memoirs from this day.

Bogdan had received last week three invitations to the Operette Gala for tonight, so we sent the girls with my mother in law to the show.
It was the opening of the Operette Festival, and they were delighted, the girls felt soooooo sorry to leave at pause, but tomorrow they have to wake up very early for school and kindergarden. I promised we will take them again to some shows soon.
Is the best season now for Opera and Operette, in every year during the winter we saw very beautiful shows. Can't wait for the Nutcracker at the State Opera again!

4 comentarii:

alina spunea...

beautiful beautiful pictures, especially the first one! and even more beautiful - the children! :)

Anonim spunea...

Thank you, it was a beautiful, beautiful day!
hugs & kisses

Iuliana spunea...

What a wonderful family! :)

Anonim spunea...

Thank you, I hope I will see you here again!