duminică, 14 noiembrie 2010

Tough day

Today was Tamara's birthday (I'm her godmother) and David's baptising (I'm his godmother too)! Here Tamara was trying to catch the red baloon...

This is me at Tamara's party :)

Radu driving a brand new car...

Runa in the attempt to imitate her sister's style of posing...

Our godsons Bogdan and Violeta and their little son we baptised today, David Alexandru.

The fate fairies, a nice surprise from the parents...

The fate fairies and David's family...


My son, Radu


Two happy parents, Bogdan and Violeta

Pretty Runa

Is almost 4 A.M. and we just arrived home from the last party. I will be back tomorrow with some really nice pictures.
God, that was a loooong day!

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