luni, 22 noiembrie 2010

For Book's Love

Not too many words today... Mondays evening we are terribly tired, we wish only to go sleeping. The kids were kind of nervous, Runa especially, she took a bad grade in a math competition and she was very emotional. It didn't help Radu and Mara to be calm...
We encourage them to love books as we do, since we know each other and especially in the last few years we had always something to do with the print industry, as is calling us both :).

Radu and Mara here, on a Sunday morning, each of them "reading" his favourite book. Mara is actually reading, and she is not even 5 YO. Yesterday she was sitting in a front of an announcement trying to find out the words' meaning. We love when they do that, it makes us feel that we didn't try for nothing.

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ella@lifeologia spunea...

That is so great of your kids just to be happy with books in their hands...

PS. I love your sofas and that coffee table with the rug --- oohhhh c'est chic ;)