marți, 9 noiembrie 2010


This year was filled with changes and challenges for our family: new jobs for both of us, my spine surgery in the beginning of the year, our kid's nanny left us couple of months ago, kindergarden for Radu, my mother-in-law finally decided to retire in 2011, after years of postponing. It was a very stresfull year, very busy, with many short holidays and some long, with beautiful opportunities.

Bogdan started his new job on the 1st of November, and because he was featured in the news last week, we asked our photographer friend Mishu to take some business pictures for him. He did it last Sunday, Bogdan between two runs at Operetta and a little stop to one of my clients, Mishu after a long trip in the country.

This is my favourite, I like the contrast between the red tie and white shirt, also his sweet smiling face.

This one is also one of my favs, I like it because is the most relaxed, in attitude and smile.

I am very proud of him, in the last year he succesfully managed to be more relaxed, handle a difficult job and being a great husband for me and father for our kids. He even does maths with Runa sometimes in the evening! What about that?!

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I envy youuuuuuuuuuuuuu how trip !!!!

Ohhh you are very pretty ;) A hug.