marți, 30 noiembrie 2010

Christmas II

Today was Runa's name day (Andreea), and we celebrated with a big cake, orange juice and hot wine with sugar, cinnamon and cloves.
Happy name day, my beautiful big daughter, Runa Andreea!
I love you and I hope you know my heart is so close to you!

Back to the Christmas celebrations, is strange how we forget the details and we remember many things from pictures. I am so happy Bogdan has this passion for photography, I can walk through my memories and I can see them.

Runa helped me to dress up the Christmas tree in 2004, wearing her angel wings.

Bogdan holding Runa in his arms, she was daddy's girl at the time.

Finally we remembered we had a tripod and shot some pictures together. We are lousy with our family pics, we alway forget to use the tripod! So the photographer is always out!

Our beloved dog, Pick... he passed away 3 years ago. He died at 17, and he was my dog since he was 2 months.

Runa and her cousin, Andrei, at their grandma's house. We used to spend every Christmas in her home, she gathered every year all the family to celebrate. Since we moved, the whole family is coming to our house for the C-day, we are opening presents, taking brunch and dinner in our home, is big and cosy and welcoming.

My mother-in-law opening presents, she is very happy when is surrounded by grandchildren and family. I don't have enough words to thank her for the huge help she gives us.
The first Christmas ever I spend with her and Bogdan and their family was the first I remember being unconditionally loved. And the history repeats every year since...

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