marți, 16 noiembrie 2010

Happy Birthday, Tamara!

Since we have kids, we have a very rich "social life", plenty of children parties all the time. Yesterday was Tamara's aniversary, she is 4 years old, a cute little lady. She loves Hello Kitty, Snow White and her the i-pod.

She celebrated in Kiddy Land, a big play house for kids, in the same place as her brother Andu.

Radu, Runa and their friend Daria were gliding together very happy.

Catalin whispering something sweet to his wife, Otilia.

Radu whispering something sweet to a pretty little lady. Good pupil, isn't it?

Otilia and Daria, two beautiful girls.

Mara, holding the baloons in her favorite colors. She loves so much the pink dress I brought from US... is wearing it almost every day!

I tried to make some collages on my computer, but then I rememberd and used it. Much better and easier!

My kids enjoying the party...

The boys' team!

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