joi, 4 noiembrie 2010

Baby Magazine

In the same note like yesterday, I tried to find some other magazines I was featured in.
In 2008 I was pregnant with my baby-boy, Radu, and I was asked to pose for Baby magazine.
I went in a very nice shop, far far away from my house, in an warehouses area, but I think it was worthing the trouble.

The photographer is a friend of mine (working now as a freelancer for Elle, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and more) and the editor in chief of the magazine is a fantastic lady, Simona Calancea.
The article's name was: "Mothers with style".
I liked the all-white costume, even if my legs were retaining water and looked awfull.
All the pictures are from Baby Magazine, June issue, 2008.

Tonight my kids went to sleep early, so I will go to sleep too :). XOXO

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