joi, 11 noiembrie 2010


As a family tradition already, after Prague we started to travel abroad almost every wedding aniversary. We went to Rome, to London, to Andalusia, every year we have chosen a different destination to fulfill our needs to be together, to find out who we are, to discover something new and exciting after the day by day routine.
Rome is a fantastic city and is hard to say something new about it.
We went there in 2006, it was very hot for that time and we were absolutely amazed by the italian people. So very elegant and beautiful dressed, the men are always in fitted suits and women in the latest fashion trends!

Colosseum by night...

... and by day...

Via Appia

us on Via Appia :)
the Thermae

Sant' Angelo

Sant' Angelo by sunset

Trajan's Column, an important piece of history for my people

Fontana di Trevi is always so crowded, I am surprised I was captured alone in the picture

the fountains in Rome are landmarks by themselves...

my best portraits ever are those made in Rome, the October light was fabulous...

up on Via Garibaldi...

everywhere you look is a piece of history

love is in the air... or on the walls...

the Vatican from San Pietro

the famous ceiling painted by Michelangelo in Vatican

when we finished with Rome we went to Villa d'Este

to see the marvellous waterfalls

then to Bracciano Lake

a heavenly ray of light

and funny pupeets in the end

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ella@lifeologia spunea...

Exciting! We've been to Rome on our honeymoon 5 years ago ;)
You look as though you live there and not just on vacation.